Pat Flynn October 2015 Monthly Income Report

Gross Total in October: $120,217.75
For those of you who don’t know him, Pat is a successful blogger from US that started his blog after being fired from his architecture job. He started learning by himself about affiliate marketing, podcasts, newsletters and other stuff like that and managed to get a constant income over $ 100k per […]

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Fiverr scams – Click Adsense ads

Fiverr is a website where people offer a lot of services for just 5 bucks. If you don’t know by now, a lot of these gigs (as they are called) are scams or low quality services. Today I want to tell you about an online marketing gig which should offer 10 Adsense clicks for just $5. The offer […]

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Magento : CSS & JS 404 not found

Suddenly on one of my Magento shops I got some errors in the browser’s console (the CSS and JS files were not found), just like the ones bellow. I took their URLs and pasted them in the browser. Surprise… they were not missing. I changed the permissions on those files and still no luck.
[highlight color=”#e0e0e0″ […]

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Get all filenames from a folder

Sometimes you need to get a list with all the filenames and extensions to do a batch processing. What if there are 1000+ files in a folder ? Well, there is an easy way to get that list in just 10 seconds. If you are using Windows as an OS here is a short tutorial […]

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