Detector de gaz cu ATmega328

In acest prim tutorial embedded am construit un detector de gaz foarte simplu folosind doar 6 componente. Pentru a face totul sa functioneze trebuie sa scriem si putin cod folosind Arduino IDE. Device-ul va fi simplu: Senzorul nostru citeste valorile de gaz si le trimitre catre mini-computer. Daca acestea sunt peste limita setata de noi […]

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Magento : CSS & JS 404 not found

Suddenly on one of my Magento shops I got some errors in the browser’s console (the CSS and JS files were not found), just like the ones bellow. I took their URLs and pasted them in the browser. Surprise… they were not missing. I changed the permissions on those files and still no luck.
[highlight color=”#e0e0e0″ […]

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Get all filenames from a folder

Sometimes you need to get a list with all the filenames and extensions to do a batch processing. What if there are 1000+ files in a folder ? Well, there is an easy way to get that list in just 10 seconds. If you are using Windows as an OS here is a short tutorial […]

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