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Fiverr is a website where people offer a lot of services for just 5 bucks. If you don’t know by now, a lot of these gigs (as they are called) are scams or low quality services. Today I want to tell you about an online marketing gig which should offer 10 Adsense clicks for just $5. The offer seems pretty good. You pay $5 and may get 10 x $1 clicks so you double your money (repeat and get rich). Well this is not true. More than that, it’s against Google’s TOS to buy clicks, encourage people to click or get suspect traffic. If you do this, Google can close your account and block the money you earned so far. So don’t do this!

To test this service I setup a “one page website” and added some content + Adsense ads. After that I bought a gig called “Click Adsense ads for 5 days daily 2 clicks” from a user called javiernegrete. His gig description was:

I will give you 2 clicks a day for 5 days, safely guarantee!
First, I will click around your website for 10 minutes to gain impressions.
Then I will click ad. I will also click around ad’s website for 5 minutes.
Fast and Simple.

In just a few hours he confirmed the order and now I just had to wait 5 days and cash incool . The page was monitored with Google Analytics and Statcounter. The two statistics websites showed me that he visited the page for just 3 days and clicked once on the ads. When the order was delivered I told him about the stats I have and he offered to continue the gig for another 3 days, but still no new clicks. He didn’t offer to refund my $5 and I had to give him my honest review. Hope that other people don’t fall for this scam form now on… the strange thing was that he had 37 5 star ratings.

Radu Popescu

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